Experience the jointless Yamaguchi movement! Amazing Yamaguchi’s first robot character, commander convoy appeared!


The theme of Yamaguchi’s movable is the “Robot” !!

From “Transformers”, our leader, the leader of justice cybertron loved all over the world, our commander, appeared as Amazing Yamaguchi’s first robot character! !


While making use of the anime version design that was the source of American comics and the taste of American comics drawn in the 2000s, it is shaped using contemporary interpretation.

The body is made of a hard ABS material in order to achieve the sharp shape and feel of a robot toy.

Also worthy of special mention is the intention to abolish general-purpose joints and newly design all joint structures!

Reasonable joints are easy to move sensuously, and you can freely click poses that are like a robot, as well as poses full of keren, which is the appeal of Yamaguchi’s mobile movement.

Please enjoy the new stage of robot action figures created by Yamaguchi’s outstanding movable sense!



The joint that has been precisely adjusted the position and angle of the movable axis by Yamaguchi’s movable sense, both playability and amazing movement!



The shoulder swings back and forth. In addition, the combination of a shaft joint and a ball joint enables multi-movement.

Elbows and knees can be bent deeply without breaking the style due to the two-axis movement. By pulling in the chest grille, the chest that can be bent deeply forward is also a point!

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 × 20 cm

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