Chaika The Coffin Princess - Season 1 Blu-Ray [by Hanabee]

Chaika The Coffin Princess - Season 1 Blu-Ray [by Hanabee]
Manufacturer: Hanabee
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It’s a collection of flesh and bone for a young girl’s path of redemption.

An end of a war against the Gaz Empire has left numerous soldiers bred for the call of battle lost and drifting amongst the quiet civilian lifestyle. When ex-soldier Toru Acura stumbles across a chance to re-engage his saboteur side, he and his sister jump at the chance.

Except the retired soldier has now become a thief and isn't this a complete direction change to life? Nevertheless Toru is prepared to follow Chaika, strange girl and her coffin, in the hopes of finding meaning even if it requires him to go and complete questionable actions. 

Episodes: 12
Runtime: 288 MIN
Number of Discs: 2

Rating: M
Language: English Dub & Japanese with English Subtitles
Genre: Action
Studio: BONES
Extras: Clean Opening & Ending

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