Fairy Tail Collection 03 (Eps 25-36) (Blu-Ray) [by Madman]

Fairy Tail Collection 03 (Eps 25-36) (Blu-Ray) [by Madman]
Manufacturer: Madman
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The guild-on-guild mayhem continues as Fairy Tail struggles to fend off Phantom Lord - whose Element 4 must be defeated in order to disable a massive magic cannon aimed at guild headquarters! With a never-surrender attitude, Natsu and his friends push their powers to the limit to protect Lucy and save Magnolia from total annihilation! 

Then, Erza's tortured past returns to haunt her when estranged friends ambush a well-deserved vacation. Her team tracks them down to a looming tower where a possessed wizard close to Erza's heart puts them in a sinister game of life or death!

Series Details:
Contains:episodes 25-36.)
Languages:English, Japanese
Subtitles:English subtitles
Number of Discs:2

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