Fairy Tail Collection 04 (Eps 37-48) (Blu-Ray) [by Madman]

Fairy Tail Collection 04 (Eps 37-48) (Blu-Ray) [by Madman]
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Forced to face her demons at the Tower of Heaven, Erza is in real danger of becoming a live sacrifice in Jellal's demented plan - which spells disaster for Fairy Tail's strongest team! As the Council prepares to wipe out the island with the Etherion beam, Erza's allies endure a heart-wrenching battle to get her back! 

Big surprises await the comrades as they return for Magnolia's annual Harvest Festival. But the celebrations are cut short when Master Makarov's grandson hotwires a contest to determine who's the fiercest wizard in a supercharged scheme to take over the guild!

Series Details:
Contains:episodes 37-48.)
Languages:English, Japanese
Subtitles:English subtitles
Number of Discs:2


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