Black Bullet Blu-Ray [by Hanabee]

Black Bullet Blu-Ray [by Hanabee]
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What do you do when your salvation lies in the problem?

After the outbreak of the Gastrea virus has spread to epidemic proportions, the last surviving humans have retreated to the safety of cities surrounded by giant monoliths created with Varanium. To fight these hosts the human race rely on individuals known as the Cursed Children, young girls infected with the virus who manage to retain their humanity.

But with a virus that turns adversaries to enemies, can these Cursed Children really be trusted? Or will they be the cause of humanity?s downfall?


Episodes: 13
Number of Discs: 2

Rating: MA15+
Language: Subbed & Dubbed
Genre: Action, Romance
Studio: Kyoto Animation
Bonus Feature:  Beyond the Boundary Idol Trial, Japanese Promos, Clean Opening & Clean Closing Animation.

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