Beyond The Boundary Blu-Ray [by Hanabee]

Beyond The Boundary Blu-Ray [by Hanabee]
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The ties that bind are drenched in blood. Mirai Kuriyama, is the last surviving member of her cursed family. Akihito Kanbaru is the feared immortal half-youmu. Alone they are the outcasts in their society; together they're the oddball duo that can't get along. Between Akihito providing youmu hunting practice, and Mirai a bespectacled beauty to ogle at, this chance meeting between a demon and a hunter may be more beneficial than they both realise.

But trouble is brewing in the Spirit World and Akihito and Mirai are getting caught up in the storm.


Episodes: 13
Number of Discs: 2

Rating: M
Language: Subbed & Dubbed
Genre: Action, Romance
Studio: Kyoto Animation
Bonus Feature: Beyond the Boundary Idol Trial, Japanese Promos, Clean Opening & Clean Closing Animation.

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