Bleach Collection 19 - Episodes 256-267 [by Madman]

Bleach Collection 19 - Episodes 256-267 [by Madman]
Manufacturer: Madman
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Rukia, Renji and the other Soul Reapers are having a good time partying at the Kuchiki mansion when the place is attacked by what turn out to be Sword Beasts. They're the manifested Zanpakuto of Soul Reapers who died during the battle with Muramasa, and they're wreaking havoc in the Soul Society and the World of the Living! Episodes 256-267

Series Details:
Volume 19 of 4 (contains 12 episodes)
ENGLISH, JAPANESE, English Subtitles
ENGLISH subtitles
Number of Discs:2
DVD, Region 4 PAL


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