1/100 MG Avalanche Exia

1/100 MG Avalanche Exia
1/100 MG Avalanche Exia
Manufacturer: Bandai
Product Code: Avalanche Exia
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- It is serialized monthly in [Hobby Japan]
Commercialization of the 1/100 series to appear in the Gundam OOV] the Avalanche Exia].
- As director of flight scene, the nozzle protrudes from the shoulder armor, consolidated and arm armor,
Reproduce the shin armor moving at the time of bending the knee.
- By the latch dedicated, each armed equipment to back.
- Belt section that connects the back armor also reproduced in soft material.
- Armed: GN Blade, GN shield, GN Sword, beam saber × 4
- I reproduce flying scene, the key visual by smack that comes with left and right.

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