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Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion C.C.
- From October 2017, February 2018 revived as a movie version, and three pieces of a theatrical vers..
Ex Tax: $286.36
Detective Konan  Kudo Shinichi
- than [Detective Conan], a high school student detective [Shinichi Kudo] is appeared in the figure!..
Ex Tax: $153.64
Ghost in the shell S.A.C - Hdge technical statue No. 6 - Motoko Kusanagi
This is a stunningly beautiful figure of everyone's favorite cyborg from Public Safety Section 9, Mo..
Ex Tax: $159.07
To Love-Ru Darkness Yuki Mikan Darkness Ver. 1/6
- From [To LOVE Ru - Rurou - Darkness], Hiki Yuki sister heroine [Yuki Hanchan] appears in [Darkness..
Ex Tax: $252.73
YuYu Hakusho  Hiei
- Do not lick the power of the evil eye - Manipulate sword and black flames to beat enemies [Flying..
Ex Tax: $159.09